Sunday, October 28, 2012

Easiest. Hair. Trend. Ever.

On a related note...

My other post today was about casual clothes.  But, what about the hair?  Celebs everywhere are embracing the high bun. From running Saturday errands to going out at night. And it's simple!

My top bun! Easy, effortless, put-together.
This is another pic from my recent shopping trip, where I found my cute, Taylor-eque sweater.

I think the bun makes me look like I put some effort into being cute, when really I put minimum make-up on, pulled my hair back, and really I was just enjoying my day off with some shopping.  (I wish I would have snapped a pic with what I was actually wearing, which was a hoodie and jeans. It was cold. I was being comfortable. And lazy, but the bun hid that fact.)

Here's a good trick I learned:

Crazy tease that pony! I don't have a lot of hair, so before when I would wrap it normal, I'd have a tiny, ridiculous bun.  Now, that' I've discovered this step? Big bun! And the bun doesn't come out ratty, like this pony looks!

Try it on your next outing!

I'm still curious about sock buns, too.  Haven't tried that yet.

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