Thursday, October 25, 2012

Taylor Swift, I'm Finally Obsessed

I'm such a Swifty? Tay-tor Tot? Do these crazy Taylor Swift fans have cutesy, little-moster-esque names?  Whatever it be, I'm now one.  Sure, in the past there were songs here and there that I liked, loved even. Who can get "You Belong with Me" out of there head when it pops on the radio.  But, with the release of "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together," she had me sold.  I bought the single on iTunes, I bought "Red" on release day. 

And boy, the album is great. Mostly, great. I've listened to it over and over in the past week.  This new, folksy, Taylor Swift is awesome!  I love it. 

Stay Stay Stay is one of my favorites:

There is one small problem with the song.  The end. The very, very, very end.  The giggles and talking. I agree with t-swift's assement, the song is darn cute!  But I could do with out the giggles and talking.  It's also on one part of WANEGBT I can't stand. Which is also why I think the biggest mistake of the album is "22," which others seem to like?  22 is being used on the ads for the CMA's.  There's a preview of the song on Youtube.  I really hope that does not mean it's going to be a single.

That tangent aside. Listen to TayTay. This album is great.

And I'm really liking Taylor Swift.  Her makeup, her clothes, her hair. Bravo.

I also recommend: The Lucky One, Starlight, and title track Red.

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